Want To Improve Your Career? 4 New Year Resolutions You Should Consider

Want To Improve Your Career? 4 New Year Resolutions You Should Consider

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Four Quick Wins That Can Improve Your Career in The New Year

A lot of us will be making myriads of New Year resolutions this season, as that is the yearly ritual we have been at one time or the other, told to do. It’s not out of place, what I don’t subscribe to is making it too long or listing resolutions that are not feasible based on your existential reality.

Someone I know from my church contacted me on Skype not too long ago; she works with a popular ecommerce firm in Lagos.

Hi Gbenga, I’m open to a change of job”, she said. I read all she has to type and I suggested the below to her, including you, reading this as well.

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1. A proper online presence: LinkedIn is a good place to start at this time and age. You can also proceed to having a blog.
2. Have you added more skills? Just pick up areas you want to develop and speak to someone who does it for a living and you would be shocked about how willing the person would be. If you wish to learn Digital Marketing-SEO, Email marketing, Blog etc. For instance, feel free to contact me, my fee is just $1K and you will get Google certified! (mail: training@ppc.ng) *wink*.
3. Keep in touch with your network, as you never can tell, someone might just be in need of your newly acquired skills.
4. Be visible, stay abreast the industrial trend, read blogs to update your knowledge (please not gist nor gossip blogs, it drains the brain)
When you do the above New Year resolutions, you will be happy with yourself and the result you get afterwards. That’s the way I see life.
I wish you good luck, as you step into the New Year. Merry Xmas! Feliz Navidad!! Happy Holiday!!!



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