How to Use Google Analytics To Improve AdWords Campaigns

How to Use Google Analytics To Improve AdWords Campaigns


Google Analytics for Measuring and reporting marketing campaigns

You clicked here because you want to use the Google Analytics to better your Adwords campaign. While both are very good tool, they are better together.

Below is what Google Adwords Support Team advice

Better Together

A Guide to Using AdWords with Google Analytics


Both AdWords and Google Analytics offer insights into the performance of your campaigns, and those insights get better when you use GA + AdWords together. Improve your bidding, messaging and performance through these analyses.
Pull Google Analytics Metrics Into AdWords for Deeper Insights
1. Import goal completions and ecommerce transactions.
Why: You can perform richer analysis on […] Read more

The Future of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The Future of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

TweetSEO 2015 and Beyond Predictions


 You will agree with me that SEO in 2015 is different from SEO in the year 2005. As Search engine giants step up their various algorithms towards a better searching experience for users, SEO just more interesting and difficult.

Various experts think SEO has evolved and predict the following:

Paid search elements will get more aggressive in verticals like hotels, travel, and insurance. Expect Google to experiment more with paid local results.
SEOs will grow in many different areas, like data science, product management, copywriting, marketing, development, etc.
The changing UX of search is at least as important as the […] Read more