Online Marketing For Newbies: What Is The Fuss About Digital Marketing- Part II

Online Marketing For Newbies: What Is The Fuss About Digital Marketing- Part II

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Digital Marketing 2.0 Demystified! You Want To Learn! We Want To Teach! 

Like I emphasized in the part one of this article, that the incessant question people ask online about ‘What Digital Marketing is’ inspired this piece from Nairaland, Quora to LinkedIn Back to Twitter, then to Facebook.
Today’s post continues from where I left off on the pillars of Digital Marketing; you can click here to quickly read it up: What is the fuss about digital marketing-part 1.

This series is for newbies. Professionals too can learn something as well.

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I’ve explained what Digital marketing is and a few of the digital marketing methods in the first piece; Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Social media marketing(SMM), E-mail marketing and Analytic dashboards (Google analytics). Below are the other things you need to know about digital marketing:

E-commerce Marketing:

E-Commerce is revolutionizing the way we trade in Africa. Here, Merchants want to sell products. The conversion goal here is sales and leads generation not mere ‘awareness’. While working in Konga, I’ve developed capacity in this part of digital marketing. You need to put yourself in customers shoes, predict customers intent and leverage on transactional keywords, like ‘buy iphone 6’, ‘tecno r7 price in nigeria’.

I’ll show you how to use ‘affiliate marketing’ to promote your store, discuss top eCommerce stores in Africa, formulate the right eCommerce marketing strategy, a case study on ecommerce marketing.

Lead Management:

Lead management is simply a way of generating, following up and converting leads to meeting your conversion goals. Your conversion goals could be sales (if you have an online store), time spent on your web (if you have a blog site), or how many other sites your visitors visit and so on.

Leads are your prospective customers, details like- emails, names, phone numbers, addresses etc will be gathered and used to follow-up. I’ll show you the different creative ways to generate leads, landing pages and its best practice.

Mobile App-Installs Promotions:

Having a mobile app alone is not enough; you need to push it to a much wider audience. The purpose of your mobile app is defeated if you’re the only one engaging with your app and possibly your family members.

I’ll show you how to track new users, measure their behaviours and improve your app monetization and how to promote your app using Admob, Adwords and App marketplaces (Google app & App store). I’ll also show you how to identify opportunities to transform low-value users to high-value users, design remarketing campaigns to re-engage existing app users and reach new users on the web, various revenue models you can combine to monetize your app, and how to improve the number of your app downloads

Mobile Marketing:

You don’t want to ignore the proliferation of mobile devices into the Nigerian market. Featured phones have higher penetration than the smartphones.

Short messaging service (SMS) is a very good way to reach out to a larger audience on their mobile device. It digshouldn’t be more than 160 characters. We’ve over 20M Nigerian phone numbers across 745 LGAs in Nigeria. Th

I consider App-installs promotion as a mobile marketing strategy as well. Here you can target mobile operating system (OS) like Android, IOS and Windows Mobile etc.

Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking:

This gives you insight into how to track your major competitors with weekly custom reporting. What keywords are your competitors using to convert users to sales? What marketing strategies are they leveraging on?

Measurement and Reporting:

It is natural to measure any task you embark on and give report accordingly. Here, marketing budget is involved; so, your clients want to know the progress of the campaign they have invested heavily on.

You need to create measurement plans that will clearly define your business objectives, the implementation steps to get your web, landing page or app into Google Analytics.

Other digital marketing pillars are PR/Sponsored post to top media sites, Content marketing, Video and Display Ads. Digital marketing is a wide but interesting field to venture into and when you know how to apply the various methods, then you can confidently call yourself a Digital Marketing Professional.

Becoming a competent Digital Marketing professional doesn’t happen by merely reading, as the applications of the various marketing strategies needs to be learnt hands-on to help get a deep and practical understanding.

At, we are committed to not only helping you grow your business in the digital world, but also to help you know the best ways to get it done. Reach us at, +2348167258707 and let us help you scale your business.


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